After using our products for only 18 months, Hannah became our coveted “Face Of” model search winner in Australia in 2015.

The competitions ethos - you don’t have to be a model, to have model skin, saw thousands of entries. Each man and woman and teen describing a touching story of how Auspect™ products improved not only their skin, but also their emotional wellbeing.

“You don’t have to be a model, to have model skin.”

Hannah, a 25 year old Nurse, had a painful history with acne, until a friend recommended her to our clinical strength cosmeceutical products.

Here’s an excerpt from Hannah’s entry form...

“I would love to be the “Face Of” because it has changed me, my skin and my self-esteem. I struggled with acne until I was recommended Auspect™. I used the Starter Kit and my skin changed dramatically… It works at a cellular level, so my skin became acne and blemish free, fresh, clean, glowing and radiant! I love it!”