We all have at least one skin care essential we can’t be parted with – that’s why we take it with us to the gym, carry it in our purse, and pack it up for a long weekend. And of course, good skin care products rarely come cheap, so it’s irritating to say the least when you find a bottle of your favorite moisturizer, serum or SPF has exploded in your bag. And even more disheartening to see your pricey products spoiled by the sun, contaminated by bacteria, or used so liberally that they disappear before you even start to see the benefits.

But here’s a tip: when it comes to splurging on skin care, make sure what you’re getting is as good on the outside as it is on the inside.

First off, if you like to travel and you know you’ll be bringing your skin care essentials along for the trip, don’t waste time with bottles that don’t seal well, or jars that can crack or with lids that can pop off. Auspect Skincare bottles have a super-seal twist top to avoid leaks and spills—because really who cares if product gets all over your juicy beach read? The real tragedy is seeing your #skinvestment wasted all over the inside of your bag!

Plus, you may not realize it, but there are a few factors (some totally outside your control) that can impact the quality of your skin care products—things like exposure to sunlight, contact with outside air, or even repeated contact with your fingers. Auspect Skincare combats these effects and helps maintain the high quality of its natural ingredients using bottles that are opaque, not clear. Plus, the Auspect bottles use metered pumps to dispense the product, which protects against direct sunlight and contamination from bacteria or other environmental factors.

But Auspect’s metered pump bottles do more than just protect the quality of the product. Because they dispense the appropriate amount per use, each and every time, you won’t be wasting product. Your favorite skin care goods will last longer and you’ll avoid that sticky sheen that comes from slathering on way, way too much product! Imagine how just that one little feature can make all the difference.

So, while you might not have thought a transparent bottle would be a deal breaker, or that a bottle that dispensed metered doses would be the newfound answer to all of your I-just-ran-out-of-my-favorite-product-way-too-fast woes, I bet you’ll keep this in mind next time you’re shopping for skin care. Trust us, your skin will certainly notice the difference.