What’s your skin care routine? If you’ve asked your friends before, I’m sure you already know how different their routines can vary from your own. Here’s why: every person’s skin is unique – so whatever you do to care for your skin, your routine should be unique to you. Learning more about your skin type will help you determine how to best care for your skin, treat concerns, and reveal your beautiful complexion. Here are some of our (not so) secret skin care tips to help you kick start your new daily routine! 

Skin Concern #1: Skin pigmentation or age spots

If you’re concerned with pigmentation, age spots, freckles or hormonal marks, you DON’T have to deal with them anymore. In fact, it’s time to make a change – and ASAP. How, you ask?


Use a daily cleanser like Auspect’s Gentle Clean both day and night to soothe and calm your skin. Then, after washing the skin gently (what’s your hurry?!) try applying a non-irritating, non-greasy serum, like Vita C, to help brighten your complexion. To take your routine one step further, apply a multi-purpose serum like Vita B to reduce the appearance of redness, imperfections and skin discoloration. You can complement these by also applying a pigment-focused serum to specific problem areas. Auspect’s Pigment Eze Serum is a great option because it’s high in antioxidants that assist in reversing free radical damage, as well as preventing new pigment formation. Finally, as part of your day-time routine, we suggest a light-weight, super-hydrating moisturizer with SPF sun protection. Auspect’s Hydra Shield SPF 17 hits the mark – it’s packed with potent skin protecting antioxidants, hydrators and nourishing botanical oils.


For an even healthier looking, brighter complexion, you can apply an exfoliating night serum approximately every third night. We say *approximately* because every person’s skin is different. Some might wait a little longer, others might only use it once a week. In any event, our Exol+ will do just the trick – it quickly lifts away excess accumulation of dull and devitalized surface skin cells to minimize pores and imperfections, allowing cleaner, smoother skin to shine through!

Skin Concern #2: Fragile skin caused by rosacea or other sensitivities

We hear from people all the time about their fight against fragile skin. Whether it’s rosacea or other sensitivities, there is a solution! So many men and women have put up with second-rate products that are often full of harsh chemicals and other lackluster ingredients. Check out our before and after photos on our social handles– we have products that will help!


Here’s where to start: Try a new daily routine to hydrate and strengthen your skin. Start with a foaming cleanser formulated specifically for sensitive skin to remove surface impurities and makeup without irritation, morning and night. Auspect’s Gentle Clean is a good choice – it’s free from harsh chemicals and enriched with vegetable glycerin to lock in moisture. Next, to minimize redness and comfort stressed out skin, apply a relaxing serum that’s high in antioxidants, like Rednomore, in the morning and at night. And for more soothing skin action, work Vita C Serum into your routine – it helps tackle every sign of aging and gives you a brighter looking complexion. Lastly, your fragile skin needs a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer. We recommend Resveratrol Cream, a highly-potent moisturizer providing antioxidant protection and skin firming benefits.


After about a month, once you start to see your skin strengthened, consider adding a serum that’s high in Vitamin B complex polypeptides to your morning and night routine. Auspect’s Vita B Serum will help turbo-charge your skin care regime for maximum visible impact.

Skin Concern #3: Acne-prone skin

For many teens and adults, acne is a real concern (and a major stressor!). To help combat both types of acne, try this daily regime to cleanse, hydrate and soothe troubled skin.


Start with a deep cleanse to unclog pores, purify your skin and protect against pollutants and environmental aggressors. Auspect’s Total Clean is a good choice – on top of providing a totally clean feel, it restores, comforts and hydrates by attracting moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. Next, to achieve a more even-toned appearance, apply a vitamin-rich cosmeceutical serum like Vita B. For oily skin, an oil-free serum like Auspect’s No Problem Serum is your friend – the non-greasy, calming formula helps reduce inflammation without upsetting your skin’s natural balance. For adult-acne, you’ll also want to apply a moisturizer as needed. Light-weight creams packed with anti-aging ingredients are your best