It’s no secret that the skin care market overwhelmingly targets women, but what about skin care for our guys? The truth is that men’s skin really isn’t all that different from women—aside from facial hair, of course—so a lot of the products that advertisers are promoting for women actually work well for men, too. Even so, there are a few “Dos & Don’ts” that every guy should know when it comes to skin care

DO ditch the bar of soap. This isn’t 1950—there are better options for men that promote clean, healthy skin. Plus, bar soap can be harsh on the face and dry out your skin, leaving it sensitive, flaky and even oily. Yes, seriously! Overly dry skin triggers our bodies to make excess oil which can clog pores and lead to acne. Trust us, there are better cleanser options out there for you!

DO wash your face after a workout. Sure, a good sweat is healthy—just don’t leave it linger. Pack a bottle of facial cleanser in your gym bag and use it when you shower post-workout. We suggest avoiding alcohol-based cleansers, as these can be harsh on the skin. Instead, try the Gentle Clean or Total Clean cleansers from Auspect Skincare. You can shave with these products, too, giving you a one-step cleanse-and-shave shower routine that leaves you feeling clean, fresh and reinvigorated.

DON’T forget sunscreen. SPF is oft-forgotten but oh-so important. You may think of men’s skin as being more rugged or tougher than lady’s skin, but our skin is actually very alike! SPF is a must for all of us whenever we’re outdoors, whether on a hike, on the field or the court, at the beach, or anywhere else the sun shines! The good news: it’s easy to protect against UV rays, and you can easily find a lightweight SPF that’s not thick and greasy. We recommend Hydra Shield SPF 17—you’re welcome!

DON’T miss this important step when shaving. If you have facial hair, then you’re no stranger to shaving. But even if you’ve been doing it for years and have your routine down pat, you may be missing out on two face-saving steps: 1) Exfoliate BEFORE shaving. 2) Moisturize AFTER shaving. The first removes dead skin cells to give you a cleaner shave, while the latter helps to soothe skin and lock in moisture while your face is at its freshest! Don’t believe us? Give it a try!