Hi there! My name is Karen, and for the next three months I will be shaking up my skin care routine and embarking on a journey to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Before I start, I wanted to share a bit about myself and the new routine I will be following using a bunch of different products from Auspect Skincare. I’m excited to share my story, and hopefully help other Auspect users find their perfect products along the way.

A bit about myself…I love being a grandma to my new grandson, Keegan! My family and I live in Atlanta, where I love taking advantage of the things the city has to offer. Since I am indoors all day at work, I like to get outdoors and enjoy the Georgia weather by running and playing tennis several days a week. Over these next few months I am hoping to reduce the fine lines around my eyes and also want to address my dry skin issues. Currently I use A LOT of moisturizer (probably more than I should) and it’s just not keeping my skin hydrated. I’m optimistic that my Auspect Skincare products will do a better job of balancing my skin so it looks and feels hydrated and healthy. I know I can’t turn back time, I just want to look like the best version of myself that I can be!

I am really looking forward to using the Total Clean cleanser, Vita B and Vita C serums, and Hydra Shield SPF. I’ll work all of these into my morning routine. In the evenings, I’m going to use the Total Clean cleanser again, Exfol+ serum, Hydrate Plus moisturizer, and Eye Lift serum. The Eye Lift serum is what I’m most excited about—it targets common eye area concerns like fine lines and should help improve texture and hydration so the skin around my eyes appears firmer, clearer and brighter.

One aspect of the Auspect products that I think I’m really going to like is the ability to “cocktail” products together – as in mix together a couple different serums in my palm and apply all at once. As a busy woman, I don’t necessarily have the time to wait for products to dry before layering on the next. That fact that I can do this with Auspect products is a big bonus.

Stay tuned and check back in a few weeks for an update from me on how my skin care shake-up is going!