Hello, fellow Auspect fans! My name is Christina and over the next three months, I’ll be setting out on a journey to transform my skin care routine and find what exactly works best for me and my lifestyle. I am so excited to share my experience as an Auspect Ambassador with all of you and hopefully I can help some other Auspect fans find their perfect products along the way.

I have always been pretty active, but now as a new mom I am running around way more than I ever did before! I had my son Ethan just about nine months ago, and at the time it seemed like my free time was pretty much non-existent. I struggled to find time to do even the most basic things, so skin care was nowhere on my mind. But as I began looking for all natural baby products that would be safe for my son’s skin, it occurred to me that I should set the same standard for myself and start using chemical-free products on my own skin. That’s where Auspect Skincare came into the picture.

I had been searching for a skin care routine that was fast, natural and could hopefully clear up some of the changes I’d seen in my skin since having a baby. As someone who considers their skin fairly normal, the influx of hormonal breakouts and newly-formed brown spots around my eyes were a total surprise. Once I found Auspect, I immediately started using the products in their Starter Kit as diligently as I could. The Total Clean cleanser was great for the mornings because I could use it in the shower and save some time. Then I put on a pump of the Vita C serum and a layer of the Hydra Shield SPF 17. After that, I was ready to take on whatever the day ahead had in store!

I loved that I immediately started to see and feel the benefits of using my Auspect products. My skin was brighter, clearer and finally feeling like I had some control over it. Life as a new mom is nothing short of crazy, so having a new skin care routine that lets me take back that control is huge (and it doesn’t hurt that the products feel totally luxurious, like I’m being pampered!).

So far I’ve stuck to my Starter Kit routine every day, but as a next step I’m about to start using Auspect’s Pigment Eze serum a couple times a day around my eyes. This should help even out the brown spots so I can get back to how my skin looked pre-pregnancy.

Check back in a few weeks for an update! And Follow Auspect Skincare on Facebook or Instagram – that’s where I’ll be posting my before and after photos!