Hey there, Auspect fans! My name is Erin and I’m thrilled to be one of the new Auspect Ambassadors! Over the next three months I’ll have the opportunity to try out some of Auspect’s most popular products and then report back to y’all with my findings and feedback.

I lead an active lifestyle, so I’m looking for a simple skin care routine that fits my busy schedule. I also want to use products that pack up easy and are good for traveling since I’m constantly on the go and always looking to book my next adventure!

Overall, I’d say my skin is fairly normal. The main thing I’d like to address through the Auspect Ambassador program is the dark circles under my eyes. Auspect has a really great serum they recommended to me to reduce the color and puffiness under my eyes. It’s called Eye Lift, and with just a tiny dab (about the size of a grain of rice) in the morning and at night, I hope it will continue to help firm, brighten and improve the texture under my eyes. Won’t that be nice!

I’ll also be trying Auspect’s Total Clean cleanser. It’s been great to find a product that doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin. Plus, washing my face with the cleanser at the end of the day is really refreshing. I’ve also started using Vita C serum in the mornings and Exfol+ and Hydrate Plus Moisturizer in the evenings after washing my face – it’s like a little facial twice a day! To save time, I’ve been mixing the two serums together at night. It’s a little trick I learned during my Auspect Ambassador program consultation, and it’s really made my routine so convenient and manageable.

Plus, I can already see that these products will be great for travel. The bottles are lightweight and durable, and the twist-top seals the products to ensure they won’t explode en route or make a mess in my bag (if it hasn’t happened to you, trust me – that’s the worst!). Seriously, I can’t wait to take my Auspect goodies with me everywhere I go!

For more updates from me, make sure to follow Auspect on Facebook or Instagram. I’m loving this skin care journey and can’t wait to post my next update!