Most of us don’t realize the different ways that stress affects our lives, our bodies and even our skin. Remember that time everything was going wrong—and to top it off, you had a major breakout? Talk about going from bad to worse! While we each process stress in different ways, it’s no secret that many of us see our skin visibly react to stress in the form of breakouts, sensitivity and flare-ups. Even worse, sometimes skin responds to stress in the form of eczema and psoriasis. Not fun!

But how exactly does stress impact your skin? When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones that can alter your sebum production, increasing skin cell proliferation and causing your skin to dry out. Prolonged stress can even cause a breakdown of the skin’s support structure that can lead to accelerated signs of aging. Nobody wants that!

But while we all have stressors in our lives – and it’s not easy to wish them away – that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful, flawless skin and unbreakable confidence! Here are some simple steps to help mitigate the stress in your life and bring out the best in your skin:

Find time to exercise. Decrease stress by engaging in regular physical activity! Exercise increases our overall health and a sense of well-being, while also pumping endorphins into our system to help naturally decrease our bodies’ stress levels. After a good sweat, use Auspect’s Total Clean – a one-of-a-kind cleansing formula – to gently unclog congested pores, remove imbedded dirt and makeup, and leave you feeling fresh and fabulous!
Drink more water: Are you staying hydrated? If you’re feeling stressed, you might not be drinking enough water. Our bodies are generally less equipped to deal with stress when we’re not feeling properly nourished, and like it or not, our skin is oftentimes left to suffer. But the fix is so easy – drink more water! And for an extra stress-free glow, hydrate your skin with Auspect’s Vita B Serum – a great all-around multi-purpose serum bolstered by five super skin-fortifying sea plants to boost the skin’s hydration levels and lock in moisture.
Smile and be confident! Skin concerns can get the best of us and make us feel extremely self-conscious – which can lead to more stress and more skin problems! Put an end to this vicious cycle by taking back control of your skin! Get started with a new skin care routine that includes quick action, solution-based products from Auspect. Our new website makes it easy for you to shop by skin concern and find the perfect products to address your personalized skin care needs so you can get quick results. Nothing builds confidence like a clean, fresh face!