Summer may be over, but the outdoor fun doesn’t end there. Whatever your fall-time flavor – hiking, camping, skiing, tailgating – it’s important to protect your skin from UV rays even after those long summer days fade away.

Seriously, SPF is your BFF year-round so don’t overlook it. Even on cloudy days, although the sun’s rays may be hidden they’re definitely not blocked (fact: up to 80 percent of rays can penetrate clouds!). And yes, even in the snow – especially at higher altitudes – SPF is super essential to prevent sun damage. Think about it: snow reflects up to 80 percent of UV light from the sun, so if you’re on the slopes, you’re literally getting it from all angles.

Plus, did you know that when you sweat in cold weather, SPF breaks down quicker on your skin, leaving you extra vulnerable? Keep this in mind on your next chilly expedition, and pack extra SPF so you can reapply throughout the day and evening. And not just on your face – your exposed hands, ears and lips could use a layer of protection, too!

So next time you pack up to hit the trail, the slopes, or the football stadium, don’t leave home without your favorite SPF. If you haven’t yet found a product you love, we recommend Hydra Shield SPF 17. For the active wearer, it’s lightweight, non-greasy, and won’t leave behind a white residue. Plus, it’s super hydrating, which is more important than ever in the cool, dry months ahead.

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