Hi guys! I hope ya’ll have been enjoying the summer as much as I have. I’ve been spending a ton of time outside with my little guy and our dog, and we have had a blast. Other than the crazy Atlanta heat, this has been a wonderful summer. I’m now about a month in to my new Auspect skin care routine and it’s been going really well. I’m still dealing with some post-pregnancy hormonal breakouts, but other than that, I’m really happy. I have already noticed a huge difference in my complexion.

My favorite product so far has to be the Total Clean cleanser. I love how I can use it in the morning in the shower. And here’s a tip I found works great: I like to massage the cleanser onto my skin at the start of my shower, but I don’t rinse it off right away. I get such an overall clean feeling on my face if I leave it on while I am in the shower so all those powerful ingredients can work a little longer!

Another product I’ve been loving is the Vita C serum. It’s really made my skin look brighter, which is especially nice after some sleepless nights with an infant! It really makes all the difference for my confidence, which is crazy because it’s such a small step and doesn’t add time to my morning routine.

One more thing I love about Auspect is that the company only uses natural ingredients in their products. Before I had my son, I was somewhat mindful of what I was putting on my skin, but after having him, I have become so much more aware of product ingredients! Long, complicated chemical names can be intimidating and that’s why I love that I can recognize the ingredients Auspect uses and trust that what I’m using is free from harsh chemicals and anything artificial. It has been such a relief for me to know my new Auspect skin care routine is not just good for my face, but also safe for my baby and me.

Check back soon on the Auspect Blog for another update from me!