Treat yourself to a night (or morning) in with your favorite cocktail! No, not drinks—we’re talking about a cocktail for your skin. It’s what we call a combination of skin care products that you mix in your palm and apply to your skin all at once, saving time while loading up on all the nourishing goodness your skin care routine offers. Simply use after your cleanser and finish with a great moisturizing product and you’re all set! It’s a smart solution that can completely revolutionize your daily skin care routine.

For those of you who’ve heard you can’t “cocktail” your beauty serums together because it will diminish their effects or because one product might overshadow another, that’s just not true—at least not when you’re using skin care products specially formulated to work together, like Auspect Skincare.

When we work with clients to suggest a skin care routine, one of the biggest concerns we hear is that using multiple products can take up too much time, especially in the morning. Life gets busy and few of us have an hour each day to devote to pampering our skin. Washing and moisturizing is one thing, but add a skin brightening serum, a red-reducing serum, and a blemish-fighting serum to the mix and the time spent layering on all these products individually can get a little out of hand.

That’s why we love cocktailing Auspect Skincare products! One of our favorite mixtures is an anti-ageing cocktail of the Exfol+, Vita B, Vita C, and Pigment Eze serums. Or for sensitive skin, try mixing the Rednomore and Vita B serums topped with a layer of Resveratrol Creme for superior hydration.

Whatever your skin needs are, you can pick, choose and cocktail together a mixture that combines natural, rejuvenating ingredients with long lasting effects to leave your skin looking and feeling soothed and refreshed. It’s the perfect fix for a rushed morning or an exhausted evening—remove the hassle but still get the glowing results you’re looking for!