SPF is an amazing beauty tool. It works by reflecting, scattering and absorbing the ultraviolet radiation waves from the sun, which not only serves to help prevent skin cancer development, it also helps delay premature aging, wrinkles and sun spots.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about SPF—like if you already have darker skin, you don’t need to wear SPF (#MYTH!). Or if you apply SPF in the morning, you’re good to go for the rest of the day (#MYTH!). The truth is that no matter your ethnicity or skin tone, we all need to wear SPF and we all need to reapply throughout the day (#FACT!).

I’ve heard many excuses from clients who avoid wearing sunscreen. Some say they don’t like the smell. Others can’t stand the grease factor. Others hate the white residue that’s so often left visible on skin.

But really, there are simply no excuses for not wearing SPF and protecting your health and skin. Auspect’s Hydra Shield SPF 17 was specifically designed with our more selective clients in mind. The SPF is a lightweight, super-hydrating moisturizer with physical sun protecting benefits. Hydra Shield is not sticky or greasy, heavy or thick and does not leave a white residue after application. Plus, it’s packed with skin protecting antioxidants and nourishing botanical oils to keep skin feeling soft and moisturized.

We recommend applying a sunscreen liberally on exposed skin, and I always like to remind clients not to forget the tops of their ears and lips, too. Often forgotten, lips and ears are frequently left exposed in direct sunlight, causing sunburn and irritation. Solution: find yourself an SFP lip balm and a wide brimmed hat!

You can still have fun in the sun this summer, but just remember that SPF is a simple and effective way to make sure you are protecting your skin. Just as you care for your eye by wearing sunglasses, make sure you take care of skin by protecting it with SPF!